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  • Tsiliva

    Country  Madagascar
    Genres roots traditional
    Website /pages/TSILIVA/134125855260
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2015

    Oh ! Le Tsiliva (2004); I Love You (2007); Sorry (2010); Mikisakisaky (2013)

    [Tsiliva] EPK 2014


    Tsiliva, born Christophe Tsiliva Diddiot, is a Malagasy musician who performs kilalaka, a traditional genre of music from the south-western interior of Madagascar. The son of a pastor, he was born in 1982 and raised in the western coastal town of Ambovombe Androy, near Morondava. As a child he enjoyed playing music and composing songs.


    Upon reaching secondary school, he formed or joined many local groups with whom he performed and composed music, including Cabalero Music, Tsirangoty, Diddiot Pro, Calypso, Mentalis Music and Fouad Music. After graduating high school and earning his baccalaureat in management and communications, he played bass for the group Dadah de Fort Dauphin, later joining the groups Terana and Terakaly as a percussionist. With Terakaly, he performed for the first time at a major music festival, the Donia music festival at Nosy Be. He launched his solo career in 2004, and the popularity of his first single, Oh! le Tsiliva, released in December that year, catapulted him to success.


    His first concert as Tsiliva was in 2005. Since then he released two albums, three VCDs, and a single with Vaiavy Chila entitled Chilalaky, all of which were highly successful across the island. He tours continually throughout Madagascar and Indian Ocean islands with an average of two shows per week, and often performs for the Malagasy diaspora in France. He typically performs with a large ensemble comprising six musicians, five backup singers and four dancers.


    Tsiliva’s goal is to render Malagasy music universally accessible. He sings, dances, plays percussion and guitar. Although he mainly performs kilalaka, he occasionally also performs other genres, including pop and ragga. In addition to his musical performances, he is a sound engineer for other bands.

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