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  • Wamwiduka Band

    Genresroots acoustic


    FestivalSauti za Busara 2019

     Moyo, 2016; Kilingeni, 2017; Ni Wewe, 2018

    Wamwiduka Band
    Wamwiduka Band

     With their close harmonies and dishevelled elegance, Wamwiduka Band blend guitars and traditional sounds in fresh and exciting ways that hit you, make you smile and move!


    Wamwiduka Band formed six years ago in Mbeya region, in the southern highlands of Tanzania.

    They are Brown Isaya (songwriter, lead vocals), Adriano Wilson (lead guitar, banjo), Zakaria Michael (percussion, vocals) and Peter Mashaka (bass/babatoni).


    The word Wamwiduka is derived from the local Safwa language, meaning Shopkeeper. The band plays the babatone, a homemade instrument that is popular in Mbeya as well as across the border in Malawi; they also use a home-made four-string guitar, creating the banjo sound.


    None of the band members had secondary education so they spent much of their free time practicing music, singing, playing instruments and dancing. Music was an escape from the frustrations of being unemployed. It came as a surprise when they started getting invitations to perform at local celebrations. Now the band is popular around Dar es Salaam, where they perform regularly in public spaces such as bus stations, markets and bars.