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  • X Plastaz

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres hiphop urban
    Website www.xplastaz.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2004

    African song: X Plastaz - Ushanta (Maasai hip hop)

    X Plastaz
    X Plastaz

    In the vibrant Tanzanian hiphop scene, the group X Plastaz is a group commanding much respect. Their conscious Swahili rap lyrics strike a chord with the Tanzanian youth, who can relate to their topics like Aids, unemployment, divorce and even life in prison. The six vocalists are known internationally for their energetic live performances which have brought them to festivals and concert halls in Belgium, Holland, England and Sweden.


    In recent years the three brothers, who used to work in a haircutting saloon, joined forces with Yamat Ole Meipuko, a traditional Maasai singer. Yamat has won various music competitions in his age category, and adds a unique vocal element to the stew of Swahili rhymes and tough hiphop beats. The X Plastaz also tour with their 12 and 14 year old brother and sister the Fortune Tellers whose performing skills defeat most local rappers.

    X Plastaz is a rap group from Arusha, Tanzania, who really know how to rock the party! Their musical style is a unique fusion of different elements. Raps are in Swahili, Kihaya and Maa (Kimaasai), and apart from American influenced hiphop the group fuses traditional elements from Maasai, Haya and other tribes. Crew member G-sann is founding member of an NGO that preserves traditional culture. Their first single "Bamiza", hit Tanzania's Radio One Charts at number one in 1998, where it remained for 6 weeks. The video to "Bamiza", shot on location in Arusha and edited by Madunia Music (Holland), was one of Tanzania's most requested videoclips for 2001, and their latest album, featuring the Ushanta and Dunia Dudumizi radio hits, looks set to send the group to even greater heights.

    X Plastaz

    The lyrics to their new release "Msimu kwa Msimu" are brought by all six X Plastaz over an uptempo beat with a Hindi-style melody which sounds unlike any other Tanzanian hip hop track released to date.

    "Msimu kwa msimu" was released as a promo single and video in Tanzania, and can also be seen on the highly popular Pan-African video station Channel O which broadcasts in Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and South Africa. Its international release was in February 2004 on the compilation "Rough Guide to African Rap".