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  • Dendri Stambeli Movement

    Country  Tunisia
    Genres roots rock jazz fusion
    Website dendristambeli.wordpress.com
    Facebook /dendristambeli
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2022
    RecordingsBori, 2020
    On stage Feb 2022

     Fri 11,  10:30pm Old Fort Main Stage

    Bousaadia بوسعدية - Dendri Stambeli Movement (official)

    Dendri Stambeli Movement
    Dendri Stambeli Movement

    The Dendri Stambeli Movement is a project born in 2008 from the meeting of a Tunisian drummer, Mohamed Khachneoui with Stambeli, an ancestral Afro-Tunisian ritual music.

    Conquered by the unique sounds of traditional instruments and the unique rhythmic imprints of Stambeli, Khachneoui decided to dedicate a large part of his career to this sacred music. Without corrupting the soul of this musical tradition, the Dendri Stambeli Movement has created a modern repertoire with rock and jazz affinities that move between past and future.

    The sounds of electric guitar and piano are infused with instruments including gombri, gambra, gougay and chkachak.

    Beyond its undeniable musical value, the project aims to bring back to the stage an ancestral North African tradition with all the knowledge surrounding it that was in danger of dying, while bringing a positive and avant-garde rereading to black African history.

    With thanks to Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Tunisia: