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  • Pigment

    Country  Reunion
    Genres roots rock fusion
    Website www.sakifo.com
    Facebook /pigmentnatwar
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2020

    Pigment EP, 2018

    Pigment - Rouge Safran / Live Sessions by Studio Hiba


    Some say Pigment was formed by accident, the band prefer to call it fate. When Nathalie Natiembé and Mounawar found themselves performing together at Kabardock, the two hit it off instantly and in came the magic of Pigment.

    On one side the remarkably talented Nathalie and on the other Mounawar, a brilliant singer and guitarist from Comoros.

    The raw energy of these two gave birth to a unique flair that translates superbly in their music. Elaborate lyrics, original arrangements and contagious energy is what Pigment is all about!


    With thanks to Indian Ocean Music Market