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  • Sika Kokoo

    Genresafrobeat band traditional urban roots fusion
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2021
    RecordingsAnomaa; Anyen; Sunshine Music (2020)
    On stage Feb 2021

     Sat 13,  7:05pm Old Fort Main Stage

    Sika Kokoo
    Sika Kokoo

    Deriving its name from the abundance of gold in their native country Ghana, as well as the yellow colour in its flag, the phenomenal Sika Kokoo band includes eight musicians who play trumpet, trombone, drums, percussion, guitars and keyboards.

    Their unique approach and interpretation of Ghanaian folklore, vintage funk and afrobeats blended with modern music genres make them a delight to watch. Their soothing but energetic live performances and compositions will call the attention of music lovers the world over.

    Sika Kokoo’s debut album is planned for release early in 2021.