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  • Iddi Achien'g

    Country  Kenya
    Genres band fusion pop
    Website /pages/IDDI-ACHIENG/38524643232
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2009

    Thim Lich

    iddi achieng switina

    Iddi Achien
    Iddi Achien'g

    Born in Nairobi, Iddi Achien'g was introduced to music by her mother who sang around her as she went about her daily chores. Growing up in a musical family, with a brother who played guitar and piano and sisters who sang in the church choir, she was exposed to music both in church and at home. It wasn't long before she too joined the youth choir.


    After school, while pursuing music and drama professionally, she met one of Kenya's best renowned music producers and arrangers, Tabu Osusa. Impressed by her vocal prowess and stage command, he signed her onto the Nairobi City Ensemble as the lead and only female vocalist. Under his tutelage, she further sharpened her musical intellect.

    She kicked off her solo career by recording and releasing her debut album, Thim Lich, earning a nomination at the Kisima awards in the afro-fusion category. Iddi has toured and performed at festivals and shows worldwide. In October of 2007 she was in Oslo, Norway, for the World Music Festival, and the Bergen International Festival. Iddi has performed in Djibouti, Sweden, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda.

    Iddi sings in Luo, her mother tongue as well as other languages including Kiswahili, Luganda, Dinka, Arabic and English. She sites her musical influences as Angelique Kidjo, Dobet Gnahore, Haddy Njie, Ogoya Nengo and Baaba Maal, among others. A socially conscious artiste, through her music Iddi addresses social issues with emphasis on co- existence, love, peace, freedom, development of African women and a deeper understanding and appreciation of her culture.

    Currently in the process of recording her fifth album, Iddi Achien'g says her music style is termed as "afro-fusion contemporary benga" growing in popularity around the country and abroad. It is a fusion of traditional music interspersed with modern beats, styles and arrangements. The traditional instruments orutu, djembe, nyatiti always feature in her songs as heard on Thim Lich (the forest is an unpredictable place) It can be described as "A Truly Kenyan Sound". Globalization is not all about economic standardisation. We should all make a pro active contribution to our diversity with an objective of appreciating the very best of one another's culture."


    With thanks to Alliance Francaise de Nairobi  & Goethe-Institut Tanzania
    With thanks to Alliance Francaise de Nairobi & Goethe-Institut Tanzania