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  • Mim Suleiman

    Country  Zanzibar UK
    Genres urban fusion pop
    Website www.mimsuleiman.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2010, 2015

    Tungi (2010); Umbeya (2012)

    Mim Suleiman
    Mim Suleiman

    Soulful, soaring, deep, and divine, Mim's presence and music is a blessing.
    Mim Suleiman has been described as a pint sized performer with a planet sized personality. She sings Afro-beat mixed with global fusion, mostly in her native Swahili, with occasional detours into English and other languages such as Fulani. Mim Suleiman is a versatile vocalist, a generous and vibrant performer. Together with her own rhythms and dance moves Mim is gifted with a big voice, a charismatic and ecstatic personality.
    Recently Mimÿperformed as one of the 80 members of the highly acclaimed Africa Express train tour of the UK, and in the BT River of Music as part of the pre-Olympic world music festival. A Real World recorded and WOMAD listed artist, Mim also runs singing and storytelling workshops.
    Presently Mim is writing a book about the food, music and stories of Zanzibar. Together with filmmaker Zippy Kimundu, she is also working on a film "uSISTA", travelling across East Africa encountering a variety of women who tell their stories, leading us to a different understanding of the way the world turns.
    Mim Suleiman has released two solo albums. As well she sang backing vocals on the award winning album 'Tell no Lies' by Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara (aka JuJu), and was a member of Sheffield's Rafiki Jazz.