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  • Ary Morais

    Country  Cape Verde Norway
    Genres acoustic dance traditional
    Website /arymorais
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2012

    Ka bo bayembora (1999); Abraço Tradicional (2008)

    Ary Morais
    Ary Morais

    When it comes to music, the small island nation of Cape Verde is better known for its female musical exports such as “barefoot diva” Césaria Évora or Mayra Andrade. Norwegian based guitarist and singer-songwriter Ary Morais is also playing his part in sharing the sensual, melancholy Cape Verdean resonance with the rest of the world.


    Coming from one of the richest nations for literature of Lusophone Africa, Ary grew up around music and poetry. He was 15 years old when he first stepped on the stage at the 1990 edition of Praia da Cruz festival on his native island of Boa Vista. Following his passion for music, he then resided on São Vicente island and began earning fame and notoriety from his participation in cultural activities. During this time his music was heard regularly on the well loved Cape Verdean National Radio programme Estrelas da Noite.


    Ary emigrated from Cape Verde to Norway in 1995. In 1999, he released his debut album Ka Bo Bayembora and soon started performing extensively around Europe. Ary says his departure for Norway brought a number of challenges as a musician, but he is thankful that in Norway his sound began to mature. His latest album Abraço Tradicional released in 2008 certainly confirms that, clearly fusing more contemporary influences, without fleeing from the well loved rhythms Ary’s public has grown accustomed to.


    Accompanied by special features from highly respected musicians from the Cape Verde’s diaspora, his album is emotional and engaging; a distinct and authentic mix of longing and experience. With his band you can certainly expect to dance at his live performance as Ary invites you to experience the social and spirited feeling of Cape Verdean island life.


    Thanks to Norwegian Embassy