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  • Brother Mike

    Country  Zanzibar
    Genres hiphop pop urban
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2006

    Kitendawili (2003),
    Mwambieni C (2005)

    Brother Mike
    Brother Mike

    Michael Dotto, widely known as Brother Mike, is one in the series of new- breed artists representing "muziki wa kizazi kipya" popularly known as bongo flava. He started his musical career in 1998 but due to financial difficulties and family interference it took him until 2003 to record his first single called Kitendawili ( puzzle ) which attracted the attention of Dar es Salaam-based Smooth Vibes label, who now represent him.


    His style of music is zouk ragga combination and most of his lyrics are about love. "We cannot stop to love or be loved, it is a fruit that we have to keep fresh," he says.

    With two more singles recorded in 2005 his popularity is growing fast and he is one of the few artists from Zanzibar to get frequent airplay in the mainland radio stations. He performs regularly in Zanzibar and was recently one of the two Zanzibar representatives in the national Music Crossroads competition in Dar es Salaam. "My confidence is growing and the sky is the limit," he boasts.