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  • Chema Culture Group

    Country  Pemba
    Genres roots traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2007
    Chema Culture Group
    Chema Culture Group

    Chema Culture Group was born in Pemba Island in 1992. At the time Chema group had 45 founder members who came from various small Ngoma groups from around the island. The idea of forming Chema came because the artists needed a well established group, as well as to be registered by National Arts Council of Zanzibar for proper government recognition.


    The group's headquarters are in Kipangani ward, Wete district in the North regional of Pemba. The main aim of forming the group was to safeguard and promote local culture and different ngoma styles as well as engaging in entertainment activities. Apart from traditional dances, Chema group produces a number of educational plays which are used as a way of passing information about different issues in the society.


    Performing in weddings, national and cultural ceremonies Chema plays different types of traditional ngoma styles from around Zanzibar. Instruments used in their sets include wood and hide drums, shakers, ankle bells, zumari (air instruments) and bati (a flattened tin used as a high hat).


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