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  • Safi Theatre

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres acrobats roots
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2013, 2018

    Tanzania Nchi Yangu, 2015; Mtoto wa Kitanga, 2016

    Tanzania's Safi Theater group puts on an acrobatic display

    Safi Theatre
    Safi Theatre

    The group was initiated by Ramadhani Maneno (aka Pendapenda) during 1997 with the name Splendid Theatre. Ramadhani's artistic career started when he was a mere nine years old, displaying his dancing skills at various parties in his neighbourhood of Dar es Salaam. At the age of thirteen, he was selected to lead his school's acting group.  Splendid Theatre originated with 25 artists. Over the years some members left, band ownership changed and the group was renamed Safi Theatre.

     Safi Theatre continues to perform traditional ngoma music, blending their unique and lively shows with acrobatics for more originality. Instruments used include three djembe drums, solo marimba, bass marimba, flute, barrel drums and shakers.  Most of the members are from poor families for whom the group is an important source of income. Contributions collected during shows are often used for the members’ school fees. Apart from performances, the group offers percussion, acrobatics, dance and marimba workshops to young people in the suburbs of Dar es Salaam.

     During recent years Safi Theatre performed at Bagamoyo Festival, Music Crossroads, SADC Dance Festival, Sauti za Busara festival, Olympic Torch Tanzania Rally and corporate events around Tanzania. In 2009 Safi Theatre participated at the 2nd Pan African Festival in Algeria, where they shared stages with the likes of Kassav and Manu Dibango. In 2014 the group toured in Germany and performed at the Rudolstadt Festival. In February 2017 the group participated in the Saruj Kund Mela in New Delhi, India.