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  • Oya Theatre Group

    Country  Tanzania
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2004
    Oya Theatre Group
    Oya Theatre Group

    Opportunity for Young Artists (OYA) Theatre Group was formed two years ago under the guidance and direction of their charismatic leader Omari A Kosmas. Their major concerns are to improve the quality and creativity in the playing of Tanzanian traditional music, and to inspire and assist young upcoming artists. The group have come a long way in these two years, having recorded four songs and performed at many festivals in the region. Featuring marimba, ngoma and other local instruments, the group is unique in that they also incorporate other instruments from Africa and the diaspora, including djembe and steel pans. Their performance is spectacular and explosive, and it is obvious that the musicians are serious about their work, rehearsing six full days per week. Most recently their efforts were rewarded and they achieved deserved recognition after participating at the Music Crossroads Inter-regional Festival in Dar es Salaam. Competing with artists from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique, in the finals the group scooped awards for both "Best Group Tanzania" and "Best Group Southern Africa".