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For publication: 2nd February 2022

Sauti za Busara keep the fire burning!

Sauti za Busara returns to Stone Town Zanzibar during 11 – 13 February, with the popular slogan ‘Tunakomaa!!’ (We Stand Strong). 2020 and 2021 were devastating years for artists, creatives and cultural tourism due to the global pandemic. Sauti za Busara is possibly the only African music festival that continued each year with the live physical experience, demonstrating resilience and agility andemphasising its support for artists.

High-quality live music,with performances all running on time and surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the Old Fort, are some of Sauti za Busara’s trademarks. The theme of this year’s 19thedition is ‘Paza Sauti: Amplifying Women’s Voices’. The festival will once again offer an exciting line-up of talented artists from East and Southern Africa, with a special priority on women artists from Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia and Congo.

Sauti za Busara champions Zanzibari music, Tanzanian music and African music. For 19 years it has been upholding the cultural traditions of Zanzibar and embracing music from the wider African Continent. Busara Promotions, the NGO behind the event, acknowledges particular difficulties women musicians face in developing their professional careers. They pay special attention to the selection of female artists, encouraging their presence on stage as well as behind the scenes. The festival also gives priority to artists who use their music to promote peace, unity, human rights, freedom of expression and respect for cultural diversity.

Special prices are offered for all Tanzanians attending the event, at 6,000/- Tsh per day or 16,000/- Tsh for an all-festival 3-day pass.

Sauti za Busara attracts people from all around the world, who bring a significant boost for the Zanzibar economy as visitors spend within the community, buy local food, drinks and handicrafts and explore the island beyond the predominantly foreign-owned beach resorts.

Above and beyond the commercial and societal aspects, Sauti za Busara is often hailed as a unique networking opportunity for artists, promoters and professionals from the African music industry. Each afternoon during the festival, the ‘Movers & Shakers’ forum provides a friendly and informal space for local and visiting professionals to meet, connect and exchange.Many leaders from the creative and cultural industries have already signed up for this year’s programme.

Sauti za Busara is not merely entertainment or a tourist attraction; it is also a learning channel for its massive audience and followers, serving a number of important values: identity, community and participation, integration and equality, freedom of expression, creativity, cultural heritage and pluralism and long-term legacy that generates income, especially for women, youth and marginalised communities.

The festival’s successhas only been possible thanks to the support of donors, sponsors and partners, in particular the Norwegian Embassy in Tanzania, who contributed most of the organisation’s core running costs since 2009. For several years, the European Union has also supported the festival’s mission to promote environmental campaigns, women artists, and young and emerging talents. This support enabled Busara Promotions to strengthen its management capability, policies, procedures and quality standards in strategic planning, monitoring and reporting, communication and networking. It further enabled the organisation to be effective in its work and to deliver a world-class festival each year in February.

Looking to the future and to become more sustainable, African festivals should find ways to be self-reliable and not overly dependenton European donor funds. The Tanzanian private sector also contributes to making the festival a success, and the festival especially thanks CRDB Bank, Zanlink, Emerson Zanzibar, Hotel Maru Maru and various media partners. This support is not only being appreciated by the organisers, but also even by H.E. Hussein Ali Mwinyi, President of Zanzibar. In a recent video address, heacknowledgedall who support the festival that brings manybenefits to the islands:

“I congratulate the Sauti za Busara team for their great commitment and achievements to keep the festival alive, and special thanks to all the donors and sponsors who make it possible. I also congratulate and thank the many musicians who have made this a globally renowned event that attracts more and more visitors each year”, he said.

Maintaining the benefits of what has been achieved over the years and its longer-term impact will depend on the capacity of its stakeholders to capitalise on efforts made to date. Otherpartners and sponsors from public and private institutions are thereforeencouragedto engage andsupport the festival the upcoming year,toensureSauti za Busara continues to thrive and prosper.

The 19thSauti za Busara festival, 11 - 13 February 2022 is powered by the Norwegian Embassy, the European Union, CRDB Bank, Zanlink, Emerson Zanzibar and others.

Covid-19 precautions and safety procedures will continue to be in place. Medical staff will be on site to assist if required. Organisers continue to review and liaise with the local authorities and promise to ensure good health and safety for all attending or connected to the event.

For latest information including full line-up of artists, see www.busaramusic.org


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Download hi-res photos of festival artists and more at https://www.busaramusic.org/downloads




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