#SzB2021 Festival Line-up

Dulla Makabila (Tanzania); Yugen Blakrok (South Africa); Barnaba Classic (Tanzania); Siti Muharam (Zanzibar); Djam (Algeria); Morena Leraba (Lesotho); Sika Kokoo (Ghana); Sandra Nankoma (Uganda); Dogo Fara (Reunion); Richie Lumambo (Tanzania); Tofa Boy (Zanzibar); Shabo Makota (Tanzania); Stone Town Rockerz (Zanzibar); ...and more

Subject to final confirmation and more to be announced.

Sauti za Busara 2021

Sauti za Busara is a pan-African music festival organised annually in February by Busara Promotions, a non-profit NGO registered in Zanzibar. Celebrating cultural diversity and live performance, the event provides employment for an East Africa music industry in exchange with other regions. 

African music unites people in celebration. The unique mix of artists and audiences at Sauti za Busara are the key to its success. 29,000 people from all corners of the world attended over four days in February 2020, only a month before the first coronavirus case was recorded in Tanzania. Thankfully, the number of fatalities has remained low in this country. However, bearing in mind travel restrictions and other uncertainties around the pandemic, our next festival will be a two-day edition. We will show the world African music is still alive & strong, and demonstrate how music contributes to our social, cultural and economic recovery.

Our main concern is the well-being of artists, visitors, the local population and all involved in the event. Additional safety measures will be in place to ensure your Sauti za Busara 2021 experience is beyond all expectations.

    • The next Sauti za Busara edition will shake the walls of Stone Town during Fri 12  Sat 13 February 2021
    • In the Old Fort aka Ngome Kongwe, a main stage will host 14 shows, including groups from Zanzibar, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Lesotho, Ghana, The Gambia, Reunion and Algeria
    • Advance Tickets are available only until 31st January
    • Busara Xtra events take place across Zanzibar from 7 – 14 February 2021, as organised by the local community

Karibuni sana, and welcome to the friendliest festival on the planet!

Sauti za Busara 2021: Festival Artists (official playlist)

Warming up to the next festival to shake the walls of Stone Town, Zanzibar during 12 – 13 February 2021, we proudly present for your enjoyment a clip by each of the confirmed artists: Yugen Blakrok (South Africa); Dulla Makabila (Tanzania); Barnaba Classic (Tanzania); Siti Muharam (Zanzibar); Dawda Jobarteh (The Gambia); Djam (Algeria); Morena Leraba (Lesotho); Sika Kokoo (Ghana); Sandra Nankoma (Uganda); Dogo Fara (Reunion); Stone Town Rockerz (Zanzibar); Richie Lumambo (Tanzania); Tofa Boy (Zanzibar); Shabo Makota (Tanzania) and more. 

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by Mwanaspoti, 20 Jan 2021

Wasanii Dulla Makabila na Barnaba Classic wanatarajiwa kuwa moja ya wasanii watakaowasha moto katika tamasha la Sauti za Busara litakalofanyika visiwani Zanzibar mwezi Februari.

Hayo yamebainika leo Jumatano Januari 20, 2021 katika mkutano wa waandishi wa habari na waratibu wa tamasha hilo, uliofanyika jijini Dar es Salaam. …read more

Zanzibar: Sauti za Busara activates environmental drive

By Music in Africa, 20 Jan 2021

Sauti za Busara festival organisers have officially launched the Mazingira Yetu, Maisha Yetu (Our Environment, Our Life) campaign. Festival founder Yusuf Mahmoud, who was recently named the new chairperson of the @Music In Africa Foundation, said the campaign would increase awareness through dialogue and educational drives on the dangers of ocean pollution, single-use plastic, deforestation, overfishing and other regional concerns. … read more

Music In Africa Foundation elects new board and chairperson

by Music in Africa, 11 Dec 2020

The Music In Africa Foundation elected a new board at its recently held eighth Annual General Meeting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and cancelation of the ACCES music conference, where the AGM is traditionally held, the meeting took place virtually, with members of the Foundation casting their votes to elect a new board. The members on the board, representing the music scenes from different regions, are new chairperson Yusuf Mahmoud (Tanzania/Zanzibar), deputy chairperson Maimouna Dembélé (Senegal) … read more

Sauti za Busara announces 2021 line‑up

By Music in Africa, 8 Oct 2020

Sauti za Busara has unveiled the line-up of artists who will perform at its festival in Stone Town, Zanzibar on 12 and 13 February 2021. The musicians were selected from more than 400 submissions from across the continent, Indian Ocean islands and the African diaspora. Selected artists include … read more

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Interview with director of the pan-African music festival Sauti za Busara (Sounds of wisdom), which is celebrated in Zanzibar, Tanzania, since 2003. Connecting with Pacific Music Festival Petronio Álvarez and other African music festivals across UK and Brazil, with thanks to the British Council Colombia. (English y espanol) … read more

The Citizen

Sauti za Busara festival set to downsize in 2021

by The Citizen, 18 Sept 2020

With new leadership in Zanzibar after October’s elections, Sauti za Busara intends to lobby government authorities to support arts and culture. Festival director Yusuf Mahmoud says for this to happen “we need to prove with unquestionable data the many ways that music and the arts contribute to society.

For example, festivals in Zanzibar market the destination globally, attract visitors in large numbers, keep our heritage alive, create jobs, build skills, reduce poverty and build respect for cultural diversity. Music is a universal language that communicates heart-to-heart and recognises no borders.” … read more

The music must go on! #SOULIDARITY for African musicians – Official Trailer

#SOULIDARITY #swc #themusicmustgoon
Start With Culture
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