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  • Bantu & Afrobeat Academy

    Country  Nigeria Germany
    Genres afrobeat fusion hiphop pop
    Website www.bantucrew.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2008

    BANTU - "OYA OYA" (Official Video)

    Bantu & Afrobeat Academy
    Bantu & Afrobeat Academy

    The name Adé Bantu stands for the probably most successful Afrobeat-artist of our time, resident in Europe. After having received broad public attention for being the initiator of the famous project Brothers Keepers, he now seems to have found the perfect partner in the Afrobeat Academy in order to put the focus of his music on the genre of afrobeat again. In collaboration with the 11 musicians of the Afrobeat Academy, he is now celebrating the musical visions of Fela Kuti.


    Adé Bantu grew up in two completely different cultures; in Lagos and in Cologne, so that today he denotes himself as an "Afropean". This clash of civilisations is well reflected in his music, which is so unique that a new term had to be coined: "the sound of Fufu", as Bantu calls it. Meant is a fancy mixture of afrobeat, hiphop and funk, that picks up the impulses of current global music trends as well as the specific sounds of African music. In addition to the musical side, the twofold cultural inspiration of Bantu is also reflected in his lyrics. Educated political messages constitute an essential component of his music, with the intention to mobilize, motivate and encourage people, always in an optimistic and positive manner. What absolutely attests to the quality of his work is that in 2005, Bantu received the prestigious Kora Award, which is classified as the Pan African equivalent to the Grammies. In addition, his single No More No Vernacular was on top of the radio charts in Nigeria for stunning 8 weeks, what indicates his recognition even in Africa.

    The track record of Bantu seems to be endless, he already worked together with highly appreciated colleagues like Tony Allen, Seun Kuti, Dede Mabiaku, Gentleman and Xavier Naidoo, and even participated in a political documentary movie for the cinema. He has had successful tours across Africa and Europe. His live performances with the Afrobeat Academy are inspiring and special, activating both legs and mind, independent of the cultural background of the audience.

    With thanks to Federal Foreign Office (Germany)