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  • Kara Sylla Ka

    Country  Senegal Switzerland
    Genres roots pop band
    Website www.syllaka.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2014

    Mali Notdimi (2012)
    Yolele « Back To Basics » (2010)
    Welti Bamboule (2008)
    Ndi-Yam (2005)
    Sante Yallah (2003)

    Kara Sylla Ka yéro mama

    Kara Sylla Ka
    Kara Sylla Ka

    Kara Sylla Ka’s voice is sublime and his music is sophisticated, melodious and varied. From Afro to acoustic reggae, to folk, soul and blues, Kara enjoys going smoothly back and forth from one to another mixing modern and traditional sounds. Kara’s work has always been inspired by the talented Peulh singers Birame Ndiaye et Penda Madam who were his first teachers, and he always likes to pay tribute to them during his concerts.

    Sunshine, joy, dancing and the brightest of smiles, Kara Sylla Ka is an extraordinary beautiful ambassador of Peulh (Foulani) culture. Seeking inspiration in the music of Fela Kuti and Ali Farka Touré, the Senegalese fulah is a complete artist. Wandering from blues to folk with the occasional detour via
    reggae and soul, he has unveiled an incredible universe of crossover and contemporary sounds skilfully blended with music drawn from deep down in his cultural roots.

    He plays acoustic guitar and started composing more personal music and songs that lead to his first album “Sante Yallah” in 2003. With much
    creativity and untiring work, a second album followed in 2005 “Ndi Yam” with wonderful texts and arrangements. In 2008 “Welti Bamboulé” was recorded in Dakar, Senegal, with many famous musicians. For his 4th album “Yolélé – Back to basics”, Kara explores other universes but he is never far from the melodies of his African roots. His last album was recorded in the studio of Tiken Jah Fakoly in Bamako.