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  • Halikuniki & Sekembuke Comedy Group

    Country  Zanzibar
    Genres comedy
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2005, 2006
    Halikuniki & Sekembuke Comedy Group
    Halikuniki & Sekembuke Comedy Group

    Founded in 1995 by two of Zanzibar's leading comedians, Shabaani Muasi Vuai ( Sekembuke) and Juma Haji Usi ( Halikuniki ) a move which was prompted by Tanzania's general election. They were initially engaged for a campaign to educate people about voting rights on both the main islands of Zanzibar – Unguja and Pemba.


    Their slapstick comedy styles are designed to send messages, educate as well as warn the community about different issues affecting daily lives of the people. They mostly performed in campaign rallies, cultural festivals, concerts and other community occasions like weddings.

    Apart from stage acts, Halikuniki and Sekembuke participate in film acting and have acted in several comedy films and local documentaries, which are available in the local market.

    Halikuniki and Sekembuke have participated in almost every major cultural event in Zanzibar since their establishment. They have also travelled to perform in Dar es Salaam and Comoros in 2003 where they were invited for a series of shows. They are widely popular in Zanzibar with people of all ages as the most versatile and funny family entertainment.

    The group have so far released more than ten video films of their work as well as featuring in twelve other films in Zanzibar.