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  • Erik Aliana

    Country  Cameroon
    Genres acoustic roots fusion
    Website www.erikaliana.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2015

    Just My Land ( 2013); Songs from Badissa (2011); Just African (2006)

    Erik Aliana Kouroungangan

    Erik Aliana
    Erik Aliana

    Erik Aliana’s sharp erudition and soft energy have earned him status as a key African artist in Europe. If he lives now in Paris, Erik Aliana grew up between Yaounde and Badissa, a village in central Cameroon. A cultural divide and two ways of life that have marked his understanding of music. Woven of bikutsi, kindo and makossa, inspired by the atmosphere of Yaounde, the celebrations and rites of the village, the sounds of the Pygmies and moods of the rainforest, the work of Erik Aliana perpetuates a fragile heritage at the same time renewing musical creation.


    Using traditional instruments like the mvet, balafon, sanza, eworo and other percussions, his talent is expressed in a mix of genres and times when mixing traditional polyrhythms with a jazzy bass, funk touches or cha cha cha ... His texts sung in Osananga, French and English, portray a beautiful and alive Africa, also dealing with current topics of society as inspired by the wisdom of the ancients. Erik Aliana, singer, multi-instrumentist, respects, enriches and shakes up the musical traditions of his native Cameroon.


    The dazzling range of his unique voice colours the streets of the large city where he now lives, with original rural rhythms emphasizing this urban bustle. It is from this encounter and confrontation between village and megalopolis that he draws the beauty, authenticity and spiritual dimension of his art. On this demanding and delicate path, he is fully accompanied by his brothers and allies, the ambianceurs of Korongo Jam. After a successful start in Cameroon, Erik and his group Korongo Jam toured the African continent. In 2003 during his first major European tour, his group was one of the revelations at Musiques Metisses Festival in France. In 2005 Erik toured in USA.


    During 2006 - 2009 he spent time in Japan and Korea, where he was a key player in Sukiafrika Sukiyaki Allstars, alongside the late great Zimbabwean singer-songwriter Chiwoniso. Together they toured Africa including Sauti za Busara festival in 2011. His first album Just African (2006) was supported by UNESCO and AFAA (Institut Francais). 2011 was the year of his first collaboration with Buda Musique, who released the album Songs from Badissa. In 2013, he returned to the studio to record Just My Land, his most highly acclaimed album to date.

    With support from Terres de Musique