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  • Vusa Mkhaya & Band

    Country  Zimbabwe Various
    Genres jazz roots urban
    Website www.vusamkhaya.net
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2011

    The Spirit Of Ubuntu (2007)

    09) Willi Resetarits "Be a Mensch" -- Vusa Mkhaya

    Vusa Mkhaya & Band
    Vusa Mkhaya & Band

    Zimbabwean musician Vusa Mkhaya is propelled by the need to foster African culture through music and dance, and works wholeheartedly on improving people’s appreciation of traditional African music. “Some traditional forms of expression are already being threatened with extinction as people; mostly youngsters prefer modern, predominantly western cultural forms. As Africans we need to proudly excel in expressing ourselves in our own values”, says Vusa, who decidedly intends to do just that. “At the same time, we cannot turn a blind eye to the new forms of expression as they also bring about new avenues and prospects for the African. Musically, it is thus essentially to come up with African musical genres that will comply with international standards and be able to appeal to people across races.”


    Vusa Mkhaya & Band are based in Vienna, Austria and are known for their live and energetic stage performances. With band members from Zimbabwe, DRC, Austria and Germany their diverse backgrounds have allowed them to weave a musical magic that is highly infectious and undeniably groovy.

    With thanks to Mkhaya Music Production