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  • Dago Roots

    Country  Reunion
    Genres fusion roots
    Website dagoroots974.wix.com
    Facebook /dagorootsofficiel
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2019



    Dago Roots
    Dago Roots

     Influenced by his personal history between Madagascar, France and Reunion, Dagoroots reflects the music and sounds of his wanderings. As a musician and singer-songwriter, this charismatic artist combines different rhythms in his sound creation that he calls the Rezzega, a mix of reggae, rock, jazz, traditional maloya, salegy and world music.

    Originally from Madagascar, where he bathed in music from an early age, Dago Roots touched his first guitar aged 6 years. At 14, he arrived in Reunion Island and took up formal guitar lessons. He also lived several years in France, where he had the opportunity to collaborate with other artists. 

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