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Artists: Genre > hiphop
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  • Mwana FA

    Mwana FA is one of Tanzania's brightest bongo flava artists with a string of hits under his belt. His popularity is due, largely to his mastery and ability to mould the Swahili language into a poetic and entertaining flow. His recent album Habari Ndiyo Hiyo is a collaboration with AY, read more

  • Nako2Nako Soldiers

    Nako 2 Nako came together in Arusha during 1999, where they are the leading exponents of a special style of hiphop particular to the town and widely respected as more "hard core". Leading group members include Dar Hustla, Lord Izzi, G-Nako and Bou-Nako. They describe their music as "street-hiphop", and read more

  • Nneka

    Were she not a musician, Nneka might have made an excellent investigative journalist. Or perhaps she'd have been a philosopher. In truth, an element of both those disciplines informs her art. Because throughout her third album, Soul Is Heavy, Nneka constantly asks questions. She interrogates friends, her Nigerian countrymen, politicians, read more

  • Octopizzo and band

    Born Henry Ohanga, in Kibera, one of Africa's largest slums, Octopizzo is an artist on a steep curve of rising popularity. A true hiphop lover, he was greatly influenced by his early years in Kibera. Aged 25, he looks up to old school hip hop artists as being major inspirations, read more

  • Rico & the Band

    Rashid Amin Abdallah aka Rico Single was born in Kikuu village, on Pemba island. He started music at primary school, as part of the school’s traditional dance group.

    In 2001 together with friends, Rico Single created Swahili Arts Group which had more than 40 young members, performing traditional dances, read more

  • Sampa the Great

    Sampa The Great weaves lyrical mazes with her thought provoking verses, drawing listeners into a lush, imaginative world.

    Her music bonds from spoken-word to rap, with stops at psychedelic and blues along the way; it’s the sound of an adventurous young mind pushing against all boundaries.

    Sampa’s rise has been spectacular. After read more