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  • Ferooz & Daz Nundaz

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres bongo flava hiphop pop urban
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2006


    Ferooz & Daz Nundaz
    Ferooz & Daz Nundaz

    Ferooz Mrisho is a leading member of Daz Nundaz, the legendary Dar es Salaam based bongo flava group formed in the mid-nineties by five members, Ferooz, Daz Baba, Critic, La Rumba, and Sajo.


    After a series of talent show performances and other local concerts, DJ Ibra, a brother of the trio "Unique Sisters", supported them to record their first single.

    This single, Maji ya Shingo was recorded at FM Studio by producer Miikka Mwamba. The group quickly gained popularity and were invited to do many more shows around Dar es Salaam.

    Daz Nundaz grabbed the attention of all of Tanzania when they released a single "Kamanda", and they were offered a contract to record a full album at Bongo Records studios.

    After releasing their first album, which also featured the massive hits Barua and Mkiwa, Daz Nundaz decided that individual artists should record a solo album. Ferooz was the first artist to do this and his solo album Safari produced by P Funk (Bongo Records) is one of the bongo flava classics.

    The single "Starehe" from this Safari album, in which he plays the role of a patient in hospital dying of AIDS, was number one in every radio station across Tanzania and Kenya and made Ferooz one of the most sought-after artists of Tanzania.

    Ferooz won the Kilimanjaro Music Award for Best Single 2004 as well as BBC Tanzania Award for Best Male Bongo Flava Artist.