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  • Klear Kut

    Klear Kut is a five-member "hip hop" group consisting of Navio, Papito, Mith, JB and Langman aka Da Missing Link. The group was formed in August 2000. starting by performing at karaokes around Kampala. The group quickly gained a reputation for their original performances and soon caught the eye of read more

  • Maurice Kirya

    Maurice Kirya is a singer / songwriter and guitarist from Uganda. Kirya likes to call his music "fusion soul" because of the way he fuses African percussions, African vocals with western and eastern influence. Maurice Kirya has been nominated for Kora awards in South Africa, Kisima awards in Kenya and read more

  • Ndere Troupe

    The Ndere Troupe prides in celebrating diversity whilst emphasising commonalities. Founded in Uganda during1984 by Rwangyezi Stephen, their goals are to restore African confidence, pride and dignity, to educate artistically talented but socially disadvantaged young people, to promote positive social change and promote peace and unity through arts and culture.


    read more

  • Omega Bugembe Okello

    Omega Bugembe Okello is blessed with a powerful vocal range and the ability of singing in various languages. She hails from Uganda, having a voice that touches the soul. Her latest album, Kiwomera Emmeeme, embodies this very essence Omega draws from her African, in particular Ugandan, roots to bless her read more

  • Percussion Discussion Afrika

    Percussion Discussion Afrika was founded in 1997 by Herman Ssewanyana. Already a celebrity in the Ugandan community, Herman has been performing and recording for over 25 years, renowned for his work with dancehall giants the Afrigo Band.


    Percussion Discussion Afrika bases its music on original Ugandan tunes for traditional African instruments, read more

  • Qwela

    Live from Uganda comes a fresh and exciting young band, raised in a traditional African background and influenced by Western culture. Qwela musicians come up with a unique fusion of traditional African and contemporary Western music. They cater to a section of society that is not read more