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  • Afrijam Band

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres fusion jazz reggae
    Website /Misoji-Nkwabi-and-Afrijam-1520448294936766
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2017

    Utu wa Mtu 2009; Usawa 2014


    Afrijam Band
    Afrijam Band

    In 2008, Misoji Nkwabi was a winner of Bongo Star Search, a nationwide singing competition in Tanzania.  The same year, she recorded an album of her songs “Utu wa Mtu” (Dignity of a person).  The album consisted of 12 songs carrying different themes, mainly social and health issues affecting young Tanzanians. 

    Misoji is grounded in choral music, performing from a young age with her family; her mother was an organ player in their church.  Growing up, she started performing renditions of other artists at different venues.  Music has always been her passion.

    She formed Afrijam Band in 2014 and performed in festivals in Tanzania including Karibu Music Festival, Marahaba Festival and Bagamoyo Festival. In her band, she sings with her sisters Nsami and Nshoma.

    Nkwabi worked with Mombots Production in film and musical performances in Germany in 2009. She is a performing and visual arts graduate from TaSUBa in Bagamoyo.