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  • Batimbo Percussion Magique

    Country  Burundi
    Genres traditional
    Website /public/Batimbo-Percussion-Magique
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2017
    Batimbo Percussion Magique
    Batimbo Percussion Magique

    Batimbo Percussion Magique is a fantastic traditional ngoma group from Burundi, a landlocked country in the African Great Lakes region of East Africa. Known for its massive drums and traditional ngoma styles, Batimbo Percussion Magique group showcases the unique cultures with strong identity of the Burundi people. They have participated in many competitions in and outside of Burundi and won several prizes. The group is involved in the “Peace and Rehabilitation Project” as organised by the Centre for Young Kamenge that focuses on community building. They are also engaged by the National Tourism Office to entertain tourists at Bujumbura International Airport and other locations.

    with thanks to Africalia