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  • Chibite Zawose Family

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres fusion roots traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2005, 2007, 2017

    Chibite (Real World 1996)
    Mkuki wa Roho/A Spear to The Soul (WOMAD Select 2000)

    The Zawose Family (Chibite)

    Chibite Zawose Family
    Chibite Zawose Family

    Chibite (meaning “Let’s Go Together”) was founded by the late Dr. Hukwe Ubi Zawose (1938 - 2003), the legendary singer and multi-instrumentalist who was a master musician specialising in Wagogo music from central Tanzania. Chibite was representing Tanzania at many international events since the early nineties, together with Dr. Zawose's son Charles, who sadly passed away in November 2004 while on a cultural tour in Sweden. They had many successful cultural missions and were included in the list of Peter Gabriel’s favourite musicians, having recorded many times at his Real World Studios in UK.

    Starting with 15 artists, the group has grown to 35 active members to date, mostly being close family members who are taught from an early age. The style of music has its roots from the Gogo people of the Dodoma region who are famous worldwide for their unique vocal harmonies and instruments including marimba (balafon), zeze (Gogo two-stringed violin), irimba (pentatonically tuned thumb piano) and ngoma (different types of traditional drums). What makes Gogo music extra special is the singing which is so haunting and captivating - it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the language, the power is in its intensity of feeling. Also spectacular in Chibite’s performance is the dancing, mainly done by women, doing elegant shoulder and neck movements.

    Chibite has performed regularly at WOMAD festivals and in many countries including Japan, Canada, USA, Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK, Australia, France and Spain.

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