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  • DJ Yusuf

    Country  UK Zanzibar
    Genres dj
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
    DJ Yusuf
    DJ Yusuf

    DJ Yusuf moved to Zanzibar in 1998 and set up Busara Promotions. Since 2004 he has been director of Sauti za Busara music festival. However, he still finds time to spin the discs at hotels, beach resorts and full moon parties around Zanzibar under the banner of Routes in Rhythm.

    The focus of Routes in Rhythm is on diversity and juxtaposition, and DJ Yusuf is very much on a musical mission. On his playlist are the latest dancefloor fillers from East Africa, mixed with an eclectic selection from all over Africa, the Arab World, Latin America and the Caribbean, incorporating sounds old and new to keep any audience on its feet. With DJ Yusuf in the house, no two nights are the same. Transcending all the boundaries music-wise, expect the unexpected.

    Originally from UK, DJ Yusuf started promoting African music in the 1980s to raise awareness and funds for the Anti-Apartheid Movement. His went on to organise international music concerts, festivals, conferences and workshops around the UK, primarily to raise awareness and promote positive images of the developing world.

    Through the 90s DJ Yusuf built a nationwide reputation for his eclectic mix of international beats, performing at all kinds of venues including WOMAD, Africa Oye and Glastonbury Festivals, WOMEX (World Music Expo) and at the legendary Mambo Club in Brixton.

    Says Yusuf, “Music is a powerful tool to bring people together, to raise awareness and promote positive images of the global south. The secret is to know and respect your audience - to give them what they want, whilst at the same time widening their musical horizons.”

    He continues, “Music is expression of identity; it opens hearts and minds and promotes empathy and respect for different cultures. This is what we need in the world, to fight ignorance and prejudice and to build peace and unity among people of all nations.”

    In 2007, DJ Yusuf was presented with the BBC “World Shaker” Award, in recognition for “his huge influence on revitalising the local music scene on the island of Zanzibar”.