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  • Ihhashi Elimhlophe

    Country  South Africa
    Genres roots traditional
    Website www.mshiswamedia.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2015

    Siyabonga (2012); Isililo (2010)


    Ihhashi Elimhlophe
    Ihhashi Elimhlophe

    Ihhashi Elimhlophe is a household name in South African maskandi traditional Zulu music. Leader Bheki Ngcobo, the brains behind the group, first recorded in 1986. He has never looked back since. In 1976 Bheki Ngcobo left his small village in KwaZulu Natal for Johannesburg, in search of opportunities.


    He started his music career as bass guitarist with the Young Brothers. He had stints with several other groups before joining the legendary Soul Brothers. They noticed his great talent and made him lead singer for their junior group, ‘Imitshotshovu’. After recording a successful album "Icala", Bheki decided to pursue a career as solo artist. That is when he gave himself the name ‘Ihhashi Elimhlophe’ (the White Horse). His first album "Hololo" was soon followed by a long string of successful releases.


    To date the Ihhashi family has expanded, with Izintombi Zehashi, an all girl group, Amataliana, a three-man group and Amaponi, featuring Ihashi's children. His wife Linah Khama (aka "Ebony") is one of South Africa's leading female artistes who has also carved a niche in the South African music industry. To add to Ihhashi’s successes, he recorded collaborative albums with two other well-respected maskandi artistes, Phuzekhemisi and Mfazi Omnyma, who called themselves "Izinqunqulu Zomhlaba".


    This collaboration produced two classic albums which are regularly included in Busara DJ Yusuf’s playlist. Ihhashi Elimhlophe’s songs are inspired by the desire to retain one's culture and heritage, whilst also ‘promoting love and peace amongst the peoples of South Africa’, he says. Ihhashi Elimhlophe, king of maskandi, you are warmly welcomed to Zanzibar!

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