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  • Imani Ngoma

    Country  Zanzibar Tanzania
    Genres fusion roots traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2005
    Imani Ngoma
    Imani Ngoma

    Imani Dancing Troupe aims include reviving and developing some of the many ngoma and dance styles from Zanzibar and Tanzania, and to promote them at an international level. As well as using ngoma (drums) in most of their performances, they also use other local instruments, including zumari (horn), violin, trumpet and sanduku (tea-chest bass) for specific songs. Among the dances the group play are msewe, kyaso and gonga from Pemba island, beni and tukulanga from Unguja island, lizombe from Ruvuma region, mangaka and sindimba from southern regions of Tanzania. Imani Ngoma also are experienced and well versed in conducting traditional drum and dance workshops. One of the most popular groups at last year's Italian Festival Mediterraneo, this is one of Zanzibar's hardest-working traditional ngoma groups, and comes highly recommended.