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  • Kozman Ti Dalon

    Country  Reunion
    Genres acrobats traditional
    Website /kozmantidalon
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2012

    A Ou Pépé (2005); Ti Fler Flambo (2008); La Tribu Des Sakalava (2011)

    Kozman Ti Dalon - Clip Bambo (2011)

    Kozman Ti Dalon
    Kozman Ti Dalon

    Kozman Ti Dalon is a group of 6 young performers from Reunion who live for their culture and their music.


    All were born in the Reunion city of Saint Louis. They draw inspiration from the maloya kabaré that the late Granmoun Bébé Manet proudly pioneered. Their first album in 2005 entitled Gras a ou pépé was a tribute to him.


    Kozman Ti Dalon represent the new generation of maloya musicians honouring their heritage and wanting to share it with rest of the world. Their music is heavily percussive, traditionally played with a variety of drums, kayamb and bamboo piké rattles. The tempo can vary from slow and reflective to fast-paced and charged.


    The group is led by vocalist Jonathan Camillot, grandchild of Gramoun Bébé Manet. Passionate about maloya from a young age, Jonathan rallied with his cousins and formed the group during the 1990s. Since then Kozman Ti Dalon continues to reconfirm their commitment to the promotion of maloya music wherever they go, performing to huge festival audiences at home in Reunion, in Canada, France, and other Indian Ocean islands.


    For the first time in 2005 they were invited to the renowned Brouhaha International Street Festival in Liverpool, UK and have been invited every year since. Another highlight in their musical career was to perform to audiences in Madagascar in 2007. For them this was a special experience, as their late grandfather was born there. In collaboration with the Alliance Française in Antananarivo the group relished the chance to tour the island, sharing his music with the Malagasy people.


    Their show is characterised by maloya rhythms, dynamic choreography and outstanding acrobatics. Performing at Sauti za Busara 2012 both in the Carnival Street Parade and on the main stage, do not miss their boundless energy and exuberance.


    At the time of writing, Kozman Ti Dalon are refining their third album, entitled La Tribu des Sakalavas, due for release in 2012.

    Thanks to Department of Reunion and Region Reunion