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  • Matonya

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres bongo flava hiphop pop urban
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2007

    Albums- Uaminifu (2003) and Siamini (2006)

    Matonya - Unanimaliza (Official Video)


    Seif Shaban popularly known as Matonya has been a household name in the Bongo Flava arena during the whole of 2006. His hit single Vailet wound up the year as the most played song in Tanzania.


    Originally from Tanga region, Matonya is a second child in the family of four. He received his primary and secondary education in the same region, but later moved to Dar es Salaam to put more effort into his career as a musician. His interest in music started during his school days, when together with his four friends; Seif, Mark, Rama and Davie formed a group known as Diborn Circle. They recorded their first single known as Tuko Pamoja (We are Together) in 2000. Unfortunately the group did not live long therefore Matonya was forced to pursue his career as a solo artist.

    The decision to call himself Matonya was due to difficulties he faced when trying to find space in the Bongo Flava map. Matonya is the name of the most famous beggar in Dar es Salaam was forced to return to his home Town of Dodoma by the then Dar es Salaam regional commissioner Hon. Yusuf Makamba.

    In 2003 Matonya managed to release his first album which helped to promote his name as one of the Bongo Flava's respected artist. However it is his second album released in 2006 which has stamped his name as the year's most loved artist. In his new album he has featured names like Mr Blue, Mwana FA and Joslin.