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  • Mopao Swahili Jazz

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres jazz roots pop fusion
    Facebook /MopaoMusic
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2020

    Taswira, 2019

    Msewe Hybrid by MopaoSwahiliJazz

    Mopao Swahili Jazz
    Mopao Swahili Jazz

    Mopao Swahili Jazz blend original jazz songs with rhythms from various African music traditions. Emma Mopao, a Tanzanian musician and guitar wizard founded the group to pioneer new directions for Swahili jazz. Initially influenced by the American jazz canon, the band has pioneered its song-writing and music arrangements, resulting in a unique blend of original compositions combining modern contemporary jazz and funk with traditional Tanzanian rhythms and melodies.

    Mopao Swahili Jazz released their first album Taswira (Reaction) in 2019. They have performed locally and in Denmark and Kenya.