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  • Moto Combat

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres roots traditional urban
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2008
    Moto Combat
    Moto Combat

    Moto Combat "Kigoma cha Uchokozi" was formed in January 2007, when the birth of this particular ngoma style can be celebrated. The group consists of twelve members aged in their twenties, all of whom are former members of mdundiko groups. Mdundiko was the most popular street parade dance in Dar es Salaam for more than two decades. The idea of kigoma cha uchokozi came up after the group began to realise that mdundiko was losing popularity due to the rise of other new styles of music and increasing creativity among new interpreters of some of the older ngoma styles such as segere and vanga.


    Kigoma cha Uchokozi stlye is very street wise in terms of how lyrics are composed, the rhythms and the dancing. At this moment Moto Combat are the leading exponents of this new craze, performing regularly around Dar es Salaam, Coastal and Morogoro regions. They are invited to weddings, birthday parties, initiation ceremonies, soccer games and other public gatherings, where once they start parading, it is amazing to see how quickly the public reacts and joins in building up the dust