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  • Mpamanga

    Country  Madagascar
    Genres roots traditional fusion
    Website /mpamanga
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2015

    Kultur (2011); Maquette Live (2013)

    MPAMANGA Clip Ratanalah


    Mpamanga from Madagascar, have been in the game since 2009. The group includes five musicians with Zix on bass and vocals, Jacquis Ralf on guitar and vocals, Hery on drums and pad, Toky on keyboards, vocals and percussion and Bema on lead vocals.


    The group was born in their home town of Antsirabe. Over the years, each member has had his own parallel experiences: Jacquis Ralf as a jazz guitarist; Bema, Zix and Toky as founding members of M'boutah group, well-known nationally; and Hery for many years working as a sound engineer and drummer with various local and national artists.


    Since 2009, Mpamanga firstly performed locally in Antsirabe, and were soon invited to play the music circuits of the Malagasy capital (French Institute, Circle Germano-Malagasy, Alliance Française, Jao's Pub) and then Malagasy festivals (Angaredona 2011, 2012 and 2013; Mamahoaka 2011, 2012 and 2014; Madajazzcar 2011 and 2012; Libertalia Music Festival 2014). Each of their concerts is different, with the group constantly evolving and progressing their musical improvisation, presentation and stage skills. Mpamanga is one of those groups whose melodies stay in your head long after they have left the stage.


    Mpamanga (Malagasy) means ‘nomads’. Indeed, they are nomadic in spirit, with each member of the group bringing cultural identity to create an original music style. Having played together for years, Mpamanga is a truly cohesive group that builds a strong rapport with their audience. The group’s vocal harmonies are remarkable, most often in polyphony, as in Malagasy tradition. Mpamanga’s songs speak about the daily lives of Malagasy peoples: family, love, nature, work and social life.


    Their first album To Kultur was released in February 2011. In 2014, they were among ten groups selected to participate at the Libertalia Music Festival, which aims to promote Malagasy artists on the international scene. The delegation of Alliance Françaises in Madagascar then proposed a national tour, whereby their popularity throughout Madagascar rocketed. Mpamanga are now crossing borders and ready to break onto the international scene.