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  • Simba & Brown Band

    Country  Mozambique
    Genres band hiphop urban
    Website www.logaritimo.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2010

    Run and tell your mother

    Simba & Milton Gulli - Scenario feat. Zubz

    Simba & Brown Band
    Simba & Brown Band

    Let Simba take you on a journey that is going to blow you away, with a mix of jazz, afro beats, rock, hiphop and funk. Through his music, he talks about living in Mozambique through sixteen years of peace and democracy, allowing young people to follow their dreams.

    Simba, an intelligent and conscious hiphop artist from Maputo, learned English watching movies and cartoons. Today, he makes use of the “universal language” to communicate with the world about his feelings and beliefs.

    You can't deny a good idea. And yes, Simba is that good idea. The kind of idea that is easy to remember, easy to attract and convince people how to appreciate good music.

    Simba's love of hiphop started in the early 90s, listening to artists like De La Soul, Common and A Tribe called Quest. The art that combines words with rhythm and breakbeats was beginning to impact on this boy's life, and he began rhyming at the age of 13. From this point onward, the young rapper's thirst could not be satisfied and his will to innovate the local hiphop industry wasn't to be stopped.

    His first single was entitled Glorious Food and five years later he released the album Run and Tell Your Mother - a mix of rap, jazz and soul in which he worked alongside producers including Iko and DJ Pappercutt. 

    With thanks to CULTURESFRANCE