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  • Ghorwane

    In the hot and dusty Gaza province of Mozambique there is a small lake called Ghorwane that never runs dry, even in the hottest season. In 1983, a group of young musicians in Maputo, took the name Ghorwane as they launched their musical career. Today they are one of Mozambique's read more
  • Isabel Novella

    Born in Maputo, Mozambique and growing up on music stages around the world, Isabel Novella is blessed with God’s greatest gift: the voice to sing. As well as being an amazing singer-songwriter, she has a stage presence to die for. Unique in style and performance, Isabel has carved her own read more
  • Isau Meneses

    Isau Meneses’ music career spans three decades.  In 2013, his 30th anniversary in the music scene, he released his seventh album titled “Patchissa-Pananfiti” which means “There are witches in the area”.  Since then, Meneses released two more recordings and was awarded a platinum disc following the sale of over 40,000 read more
  • Mo'Some Big Noise

    Three musicians/dancers of Mozambique's young generation are at the centre of MO'SOME BIG NOISE, the newest music project of the Austrian trombonist Werner Puntigam. He formed a band, which combines rural and urban elements based on highly dynamic grooves (hiphop, drum 'n' bass and more) with an unconventional line up.   The read more
  • Nfithe

    Nfithe features eight talented young musicians from Beira in northern Mozambique. The band was started in 2002. Nfithe (meaning "The Witchdoctors") is inspired by its African traditions yet creates a new, original, modern music that invites the audience to dance.   The line up includes guitar, keyboard, vocals, drums and percussion. The lyrics read more
  • Simba & Brown Band

    Let Simba take you on a journey that is going to blow you away, with a mix of jazz, afro beats, rock, hiphop and funk. Through his music, he talks about living in Mozambique through sixteen years of peace and democracy, allowing young people to follow their dreams. Simba, an intelligent read more