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Artists: Year > 2014
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  • Kara Sylla Ka

    Kara Sylla Ka’s voice is sublime and his music is sophisticated, melodious and varied. From Afro to acoustic reggae, to folk, soul and blues, Kara enjoys going smoothly back and forth from one to another mixing modern and traditional sounds. Kara’s work has always been inspired by the talented Peulh read more
  • Kazimoto

    Members of Jagwa Music and the international electronica artists Teichmann Brothers met during a recent Jagwa performance in Berlin's Urban Spree club. The Brothers invited them to their studio the following day and after an extended jam it was decided that this needs to go on stage. International reviewers of read more
  • Majestad Negra

    Majestad Negra is a musical group that promotes afrorican music called BOMBA.   Bomba music comes from our African heritage and it is composed of a combination of different rhythms. It’s a dance were the drum player and the dancer communicate through the steps and it’s like expressing messages to the read more
  • Moyize

    Moyize (Mutangana Moise) is a young emerging Rwandan singer and composer who had been involved in many different projects at the University Centre for Arts and Drama of the National University of Rwanda for 7 years.   Moyize is one of the founding members of Ikobe Muzik Group with which he toured read more
  • Noumoucounda Cissoko

    Senegalese kora player, percussionist and lead vocal,  Nomoucounda Cissoko weaves together his griot heritage with mbalax, blues, jazz, hip-hop and rock inspired improvisations. He is a perfectionist, committed artist and with a sense of improvisation and extraordinary adaptation.   International tours of this great artist allowed him to participate in several art events along read more
  • OY

    OY, initially a solo act, has become a duo made up of Joy Frempong (voc, electr.) and Lleluja-Ha (dr, arr, prod). Joy Frempong, the half Ghanaian and half Swiss multi versed vocalist is definitely one of a rare breed - at home in the left-of-center sound but gifted with a read more