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  • Grace Barbé

    Grace Barbé hails from the Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles, where a colourful history of slavery, pirates, coups d’etat and coconuts have produced a unique Kreol rhythm, language and culture.

    Drawing from the diverse cultural melange of the islands, Grace’s trio fuses the tropical rhythms and dances read more

  • Hoba Hoba Spirit


    The Moroccan musical phenomenon is back, stronger than ever! Between rock, funk and folklore, Hoba Hoba Spirit embody the avant-garde and contemporary Moroccan scene with songs that hit every time. From "Welcome to Casa" to "Blad Skyzo", their singles are firmly engraved in the Moroccan memory. Hoba Hoba Spirit read more

  • Ithrene

     Ithrene hail from Oum El Bouaghi, in the East of Algeria. The group was created in 1992 by four brothers, Rabah, Yazid, Hichem and Mohsen Ferrah, together with friends Aziz Rabia, Zven and Ramzi Khelifi.

    Their music is electric in every sense, with sufficient charisma and energy to rock all read more

  • Kasai Allstars

    Kasai Allstars are a 25-piece musical collective based in Kinshasa, DRC. The group is unique in the history of Congolese music as the members hail from multiple tribes and bands, all from the Kasai region.  Historically, these tribes endured conflicting relationships over read more

  • Massar Egbari

    Massar Egbari was founded in 2005. They created a sarcastic name for the band since they felt that society exerts its power over people from their childhood till the day they die. This social power wants to stereotype everything including the way we think and feel, leaving no space for read more

  • Mehdi Laifaoui Trab Project

    Mehdi Laifaoui is an Algerian artist, singer-songwriter and performer. His music mixes Bedouin and trab modes, a pentatonic music that gives Algerian rai music its uniquely African flavour. The majority of his repertoire are original compositions, with occasional revisited interpretations of rai standards from the 70s and 80s.

    Mehdi Laifaoui read more