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  • Dago Roots

    Country  Reunion
    Genres fusion roots
    Website dagoroots974.wix.com
    Facebook /dagorootsofficiel
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2019



    Dago Roots
    Dago Roots

     Influenced by his personal history between Madagascar, France and Reunion, Dagoroots reflects the music and sounds of his wanderings. As a musician and singer-songwriter, this charismatic artist combines different rhythms in his sound creation that he calls the Rezzega, a mix of reggae, rock, jazz, traditional maloya, salegy and world music.

    Originally from Madagascar, where he bathed in music from an early age, Dago Roots touched his first guitar aged 6 years. At 14, he arrived in Reunion Island and took up formal guitar lessons. He also lived several years in France, where he had the opportunity to collaborate with other artists. 

    With thanks to Harmon island