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  • Barnaba Classic

    Genresband pop
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2021
    RecordingsKichwa Changu, 2010; Gold, 2018
    Barnaba Classic
    Barnaba Classic

    Elias Barnabas, aka Barnabas Classic, started in music aged 16 after joining Tanzania House of Talent (THT) in 2007. He has grown to be a prominent singer-songwriter and guitarist, with many hit songs including Njia Panda and Hawajui (Vanessa Mdee), Lonely (Linah), Upepo, Kizunguzungu and Promise (Recho), Anamalele and Chuna Buzi (Shilole).

    Barnabas has performed on many big stages including Fiesta and ZIFF (Tanzania), Jig Jig (Burundi) and Marelia concert in USA. He won three Kilimanjaro Music Awards in Tanzania for Best Zouk/Rhumba (2011), Best Male Vocalist (2012) and Best Musician (2013). In 2014, he opened High Table music studio, where he produces his own and other artists’ music as well as commercial advertising. He is presently mastering piano as an additional instrument for his music and studio.