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  • Dogo Fara

    Genresband fusion jazz roots
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2021
    RecordingsKabare, 2014; Walila, 2018
    Dogo Fara
    Dogo Fara

    For Dogo Fara, music is a language to share friendship, respect, humanity and peace. In Bambara, one of the popular languages of West Africa, dogo fara means "small rock". Their rhythms are explosive however, blending the traditional maloya music of Reunion with balafon, jazz, percussion and various African music styles.

    Since 2012, Dogo Fara performed on many stages across Reunion Island, India and France. They were encouraged to apply for Sauti za Busara festival after being seen at the Indian Ocean Music Market (IOMMa 2019). Later in 2021, the group plans to tour Canada, USA, Japan, Indonesia and other countries on the African Continent.