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  • Djmawi Africa

    Country  Algeria
    Genres roots pop reggae rock fusion
    Website www.djmawiafrica.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2015

    Mama Belda Diffusion (2008); Echefa Padidou (2012); Avancez l'arriere Padidou (2013)

    Djmawi Africa 2015 Tour #DjmawiTour2015

    Djmawi Africa
    Djmawi Africa

    The birth of Djmawi Africa happened at a student concert at the INC Algiers in December 2004. On that fateful day Jamil, who never leaves his guitar, was spontaneously invited to perform on stage. He was joined by Fethi on violin, Zouhir on derbouka, Abdou on electric guitar and goumbri, and Karim on bass.


    A few weeks later, and still under the euphoria of this improvised musical encounter, to add strength to the group, they invited Lamine on percussion, and M'hamed on clarinet and saxophone. Recently the group recruited Ziad Nazim on drums, to help record their 2nd album. Composed of 8 members, each having been rocked by different musical styles (chaabi, Andalusian, rock, metal, reggae, gnawa and classical music), Djmawi Africa naturally merge genres and influences to share the richness of this musical interbreeding. With the dynamism and freshness of their youth, Djmawi Africa bring pleasure to their loyal and growing audience, whilst defending the African identities of Algeria and continuing to express themselves artistically through the universal power of music.

    with support from Agence Algerienne pour le Rayonnement Culturel