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  • Suzan Kerunen

    Country  Uganda
    Genres roots pop fusion
    Website www.musicinafrica.net
    Facebook /AlurQueen
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2022
    RecordingsNimefika, 2006; Lek, 2008; Acher Achera, 2011; Pimar, 2019
    On stage Feb 2022

     Sat 12,  6:00pm Old Fort Main Stage

    Ugorunam Suzan Kerunen

    Suzan Kerunen
    Suzan Kerunen

    Suzan Kerunen, popularly known as the Alur Queen, is a contemporary singer-songwriter from Uganda.

    Her sound is inspired by a mix of Njige, Agwara and Ndara drums, from her native homeland in northern Uganda, whilst she sings in Alur-Jonam (her mother tongue) as well as Kiswahili, English and other languages.

    Suzan Kerunen was nominated twice for Kora all African music awards.

    She has performed on international stages including Bayimba festival and Safaricom International Jazz festival.

    Kerunen is a founder of the Pearl Rhythm Festival and Know Your Culture Foundation, aiming to research, train and groom culturally aware Ugandans and promote cultural tourism for development.

    With thanks to Alliance Françsise Kampala: https://afkampala.org/